Vacant FM Transmitter Station Scanner


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Troubleshooting Tips
This App only works in the US so please don't leave low rating if outside the US. • If having trouble finding location you must have location enabled in Settings>Location & if that doesn't help then you must go into Settings>Apps>Vacant FM App and allow location permissions manually. 
• FM Transmitter Scanner - Finds Unused FM Frequencies in Your Area. •
Do you have a satellite radio or MP3 player that transmits sound to your car radio or home stereo?

There are many great audio gadgets available today that include a small FM transmitter and work by sending a signal to any nearby radio that's tuned to its frequency. These devices work best if you choose an unused frequency on the FM dial. It's also best not to pick a frequency that's too close to a strong FM station. You can use this page to find vacant frequencies in your area that are best suited for use with your audio device.